EasyLeasy/Rentables is a startup company of International Business and Management students. They currently rent furniture to exchange students.

Woofy Wear is a startup company that makes and sells clothes for small to medium sized dogs.


"Could the iPhone 6 look like this? Realistic concept based on leaks reveals a sleep, rounder design" - source


"Absolutely gorgeous images show the iPhone 6 like you've never seen it before" - source


"Based on recent reports and earlier part leaks, designer Mark Pelin has created a set of iPhone 6 design renders that might just be the clearest and nicest looking view of the potential phone" - source


I made a set of iPhone 6 renders that was published on 9to5mac (July 2nd, 2014), two months before Apple revealed it. On that day, many other (tech)websites published the renders as well. I'm a tech-enthusiast and I followed all the rumors surrounding the "iPhone 6" before it's launch. I combined all the independent rumors into a 3D model and rendered it in a realistic way.


In 2013 I started making and selling apps for Android phones. These apps were actually themes, that visually changed the way your homescreen looked. These are sets of promotional material for 2 of these themes.

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Stuff I've made in my free time.